Music soars beyond boundaries of language and culture, though it originates within them. It graces the quest for harmony, it expresses the gamut of emotions, from despair to joy, and transports us toward the bright sun of enlightenment. I have always loved music and I believe music is a privileged means to spread culture and enhance human relations.

In this sense, the music of Alexander Scriabin represents for me, from the first moment I heard it, the testimony of my beliefs. The extreme variety of Scriabin’s style and the richness of his output, the depth of his conception of life and its visionary quality, moved me to learn more about this great composer. My subsequent discovery of the beauty of his ten piano sonatas led to my decision to study and perform them all.

Although my first all-Scriabin concert took place in 2002 in Germany, and I have almost always included some Scriabin music in my recitals, the beginning of my performance of all of Scriabin’s ten piano sonatas became official in 2004 with my first DMA dissertation recital at the University of Maryland in College Park. Since then, I have performed all-Scriabin concerts frequently and plan to do so again in the future.

Scriabin’s compositions range from the lush Chopinesque texture in his early works to the intensely mystical atmosphere of his later works. I hope that, through my passion and commitment to this music, more people will come to explore and love Scriabin’s magnificent creations.

Scriabin Project